« Make Your Data : data as you need »

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13:50 - 14:25
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Speaker : Luca Pescatore
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Luca Pescatore

Luca Pescatore
Senior Consultant Data


Nowadays data is everywhere and yet not always it is where you need it and how you need it. Data is often not available in a specific form or not usable due to confidentiality and regulatory reasons. 

In the era of data analytics, customized recommendations data is a raw material and, as all raw materials, its scarcity causes delays, costs and frustration. In our experience as consultants about 70% of projects are affected by the lack of data.

Make Your Data (MKYD) is a software aimed to solve these situations. It provides the capability to generate synthetic data and mask sensitive data. This will in turn enable companies to start prototyping quickly and remove the need for confidentiality and therefore to go to market quicker with less costs linked to the security of data and dead times due to its un-usability. MKYD is a user-friendly tool geared towards business end-users which bring data generation within reah for evreryone.