3 & 4 juin 2020 - palexpo Genève

3 & 4 juin 2020 - palexpo Genève


Stand EC 59
Vasile Stroescu no.14th
21373 Bucharest


Omniconvert est une société de logiciels mature et capable qui met l'accent sur la croissance du commerce électronique grâce à ses solutions primées:
Tests A / B, personnalisation Web, sondages en ligne. Outre notre logiciel, nous assistons les entreprises de commerce électronique de taille moyenne et grande avec une équipe d’experts basés sur les données.
En 2019, nous publierons un produit d'optimisation du taux de conversion qui vise à optimiser les sites Web de commerce électronique à l'aide de réseaux de neurones à apprentissage automatique.
OmniConvert est utilisé par des milliers d'entreprises de commerce électronique dans le monde entier, notamment Orange, Avon, Decathlon, etc.

Démo solution

Machine learning & cognitive biases: the right combo for e-commerce
Mardi 09 Avril 2019 | 11h45 - 12h10 | ESPACE DÉMOS 1

After 6 years in the field of conversion rate optimization with our technology that empowered marketers to do manual A/B testing and web personalization, we realized we have access to a huge database of >41k website experiments made by thousands of eCommerce websites. 
Analyzing the most impactful ones, we have understood the power of real-time relevant notifications that addressed the cognitive biases in order to persuade the visitors to buy. 
There are 4 aspects that need to be mixed together in order to deliver a highly relevant experience:

  • To whom (the customer)
  • What (the offer)
  • Where (the channel)
  • When (the context, events, etc)

Nowadays, we still use manual segmentation to understand to whom we are talking. 
We have understood that neural networks and always-on computing power are far better than humans. And is never tired. Or prone to error.
Humans are deciding 40% of the time wrong. Even though they feel they are 95% right. Buyers are deciding based on these cognitive biases.
In this session, we will introduce Omniconvert Automated (machine learning optimization). 
A product built in the past 2 years, with the help of 12 data analysts, conversion experts, software architects and a 0.75M euro fund from the EU. 

In this session, you will understand how addressing anchoring, herd mentality and the framing biases mixed with automated segmentation can help your e-commerce grow