3 & 4 juin 2020 - palexpo Genève

3 & 4 juin 2020 - palexpo Genève


Stand EC 34
Nicolae Iorga street, no. 5, Commnons Hub, 2nd floor
101431 Bucharest


We are an AI-driven boutique data analytics company focused on implementing artificial intelligence for companies that have Big Data available. We are specialized in: AI powered Predictive Analytics and AI powered Video Analytics. Our work is based exclusively on the latest advancements (state-of-the-art) in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, in particular.
Our Hot Areas of implementations currently include: Retail, Banking, Distribution and logistics, Healthcare, Online advertising and Security

Démo solution

Artificial Intelligence Products Ready for Your Business
Mardi 09 Avril 2019 | 15h00 - 15h25 | ESPACE DÉMOS 2

In this presentation we will showcase the functionalities and applicability of Lummetry.AI products, based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology, with direct impact on e-commerce business. We will tackle subjects like business radiography (behavioral segmentation, automatic business insights and content creator), predictive analytics (customer agnostic or customer oriented), anomalies detection and prevention, online user journey prediction, NLP virtual assistant (incl. text understanding and classification) or computer vision application in e-commerce.