The exhibition's nocturne

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the LEC welcomes you for the first time for an evening event from 6pm to 8pm. 
On the programme: a major conference at 6pm, then in a relaxed atmosphere, entertainment and cocktails until 9pm on the exhibitors' stands. 
Your entrance fee gives you access to the main conference at no extra cost.

The big conference

« Comment le nouveau Monde des TECH nous redonne le pouvoir sur nous-même ? » 
Tuesday 21 September - 6pm

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, transhumanism, disruption... Never has the world experienced such profound, powerful and rapid changes.
In the face of these changes, survival reflexes specific to our nature come into play: fear of being replaced, the desire to put man above all else, denial of reality, refusal of change and absurd behaviour. These reflexes, however natural, blind us to the considerable potential for improvement in society if we quickly adopt the codes. Change is no longer enough, adaptation is meaningless. To survive, to flourish and to have a place in tomorrow's world, we must force the emergence of this new world.

Stéphane Mallard

After studying in Canada and at Sciences-Po Paris, Stéphane is today considered as one of the most appreciated French columnists and authors on topics related to the evolution of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and blockchain. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada) and a Master's degree from Sciences Po Paris (France). He was Digital Evangelist for various companies in the Tech and Banking world.

Multi-entrepreneur, international speaker and author, he is a digital expert specializing in : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE # DISRUPTION # TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION # TRENDSPOTTER


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