Thematic forums

The LEC is evolving for this 2021 edition and offers you major thematic forums.
The programme is currently being developed and will be enriched on a daily basis. 



Cloud & Storage Forum  |  Thursday, June 17th

Data storage, obtaining quality information, application deployment, data mobility, network interconnection, multicloud environments (private, public and hybrid), data protection and availability, etc. The aim of this forum is to present the best solutions and best practices in order to help IT Departments make the right choices and to address the problems of relations with the business.



Sales Performance Forum  |  Thursday, June 17th

From conquest to loyalty, from multichannel to omnichannel status... the face of customer relations is changing on a daily basis, with the needs, listening and voice of the customer at the heart of its concerns.

The sales performance forum will deal with issues related to customer relations, performance measurement & KPIs, digitalisation, management, modern selling, with a common thread: helping you to succeed in your transformation to put the customer at the centre of your company's strategy... the famous "Customer centric".




Web & Digital Marketing Forum  |  Wednesday, June 16th

Digital marketing has taken an increasingly important place in business, a real performance lever, it has among other objectives to capture leads, gain customers, generate traffic, (better) know its customers / prospects

This forum aims to present the best solutions and best practices in order to accompany CDOs and Marketing Managers in their choices and to present the latest solutions and best practices in Search Engine Marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Optimization, Emailing, Mobile Marketing, Display, Data ... 



eCommerce & Omni-canal Forum  |  Tuesday, June 15th

Today, the points of contact between a company and its customer are multiple. Faced with new consumer behaviours seeking consistency and quality regardless of the channel used, companies must now adapt their strategy and focus on omnichannel!

The digitalisation of society has pushed companies towards innovation, developing new tools and, above all, increasingly effective tools.

The Covid crisis has also reinforced the growing importance of eCommerce and encouraged companies and retailers to offer new interactions with customers (click and collect in particular).

This forum aims to present the best solutions and best practices in order to support companies in their digital transition or in the optimisation of their eCommerce & Omnichannel strategy.



Data & AI Forum  |  Tuesday, June 15th & Thursday, 17th

With 2.5 trillion bytes of data generated worldwide, mastering, exploiting and leveraging this data is now a strategic component for companies.

The Data & AI forum aims to present the best solutions and best practices in order to support companies in their transition or consolidation of expertise in the fields of Data and AI, which is still in its infancy and whose potential is no longer to be demonstrated. 




Progiciels & Solutions IT Forum  |  June 15th, 16th & 17th

While the top 3 priorities for IT departments will be addressed via dedicated forums (Security, Data and Cloud), the challenges for CIOs & CIOs remain numerous. These include remote working, the sharing of responsibilities and technological choices between operational staff and the IT department, the arrival of AI, and the management of digital transitions.

With the end of "silos", innovation should not be the business of various teams that move forward separately within the same company. On the contrary, to succeed, all teams must be able to talk to each other and work towards the same goals.

The aim of this forum is to present the best solutions and best practices in order to support CIOs in the major challenges to come, taking into account a new factor, and not the least, Covid!µµ



Cybersecurity Forum  |  Tuesday, June 15th & Wednesday 16th

In the age of digital technology, security issues have never been so important. Protection of customer files, personal data, technological know-how, infrastructure security, data explosions, IoT, GRPD, etc. Companies must reorganise themselves to deal with the increasing number and sophistication of threats.

The Cybersecurity Forum aims to review the main current and future threats and to present solutions and ways of thinking with the main message: Move from "reactive" to "proactive".  




Digitalization Forum  |  June 15th, 16th & 17th

Innovation and digitalisation go hand in hand! 

In companies, the processes of innovation and digitalisation are very similar and reinforce each other. The dynamics of innovation and digitalisation are mutually reinforcing, and companies with little digitalisation will find it increasingly difficult to innovate, and vice versa.

This is why it is becoming imperative to link innovation and digitalization today. 



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