6 & 7 octobre 2020 - palexpo Genève

6 & 7 octobre 2020 - palexpo Genève

The whats, why, and hows of credential phishing

How many times have you (or someone you know) clicked on a malicious link in an email that you thought was from a trusted sender? Credential phishing attacks are on the rise. Threat actors are experts at manipulating users’ emotions and human nature to get them to click on a “safe” link.

Please join us to learn about these increasingly common forms of cyber-attacks, how they can infiltrate your organization and how to challenge the traditional approach of detecting these malicious links. Ensure credential phishing attacks don't stand a chance!

We will be covering:

·  What is credential phishing

·  Why credential phishing is so effective

·  The anatomy of a real credential phishing attack

·  How isolation can stop these types of attacks