1 & 2 juin 2021 - palexpo Genève

1 & 2 juin 2021 - palexpo Genève

Machine learning & cognitive biases: the right combo for e-commerce

After 6 years in the field of conversion rate optimization with our technology that empowered marketers to do manual A/B testing and web personalization, we realized we have access to a huge database of >41k website experiments made by thousands of eCommerce websites. 
Analyzing the most impactful ones, we have understood the power of real-time relevant notifications that addressed the cognitive biases in order to persuade the visitors to buy. 
There are 4 aspects that need to be mixed together in order to deliver a highly relevant experience:

  • To whom (the customer)
  • What (the offer)
  • Where (the channel)
  • When (the context, events, etc)

Nowadays, we still use manual segmentation to understand to whom we are talking. 
We have understood that neural networks and always-on computing power are far better than humans. And is never tired. Or prone to error.
Humans are deciding 40% of the time wrong. Even though they feel they are 95% right. Buyers are deciding based on these cognitive biases.
In this session, we will introduce Omniconvert Automated (machine learning optimization). 
A product built in the past 2 years, with the help of 12 data analysts, conversion experts, software architects and a 0.75M euro fund from the EU. 

In this session, you will understand how addressing anchoring, herd mentality and the framing biases mixed with automated segmentation can help your e-commerce grow




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